I get a lot of requests for how to shape shots out on the golf course, so today I’m on the range walking through how I hit a high and low shots, plus fades and draws.

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  1. You have the ability to stay focused thru your entire swing, that's how you play on feel so well. I can tell when I do it on good days but it'd be nice if they were more often!

  2. Page, love your video’s and thought I’d give you a suggestion that would make them more awesome than they are. On the TV broadcast’s now they are using this orange line to show the flight of the ball. I’m sure you’ve seen it. I’m watching your video about shaping the flight of the ball (low, high, draw, fade). How cool would it be to put that tracer on your ball to actually have the viewer see the shot and how you have shaped it. It could be used for all your video’s and they would be much more exciting (even more than now). Thanks for listening , Bill

    Oh my God, I just read the comment after mine and it said the same thing. I really didn’t read it before my comment (really). But good minds think alike😂😂😂

  3. Paige, I hope you see this — I hit a draw today for the first time in 20 years of playing golf. I never understood the feel until the way you explained it! Thank you ! Keep it up.

  4. Great video, took your go-to shot to heart. Loved it. But now it change my normal swing, lol. I hope you will attend the YouTube golf showdown in England. Would love to know if your going. Please attend, alot if your fans and fans of other golf channels want you to attend!!! Aloha! Rick Shiels is hosting. Side note was below 90 player but a broke my neck and got into a motorcycle accident after that. Trying to get back to drive for show a putt for dough. I have a great iron draw shot. Working on woods.

  5. Hey Paige, I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing person and I hope everything is going well for you. Don't worry about negative people with bad things to say bcs at the end of the day they don't even really know you.. Anyone who peels back the layers and really gets to know you, knows how amazing you really are. All the rest doesn't matter..

    That actually gave me a really great idea for some videos… Damn this great mind of mine.. sometimes it's like I can't even control it…"girl next door quote"…hahaha.. anyways …think about this for a second…Why do we love people from our favorite shows? Really we don't even know them… They resonate with us and we don't even know but a sliver of their life… Key Character development. U need some character development on here. That's a great idea Apparently, I'm full of them..

    Edit: had to edit this comment bcs the rest of it only makes sense in a converging conversative process. Gives it proper direction…

  6. A nice little draw is my favorite shot to hit. I've been working on it for the past three years. I myself am a mechanical player and thus found the advice of Hank Haney initially useful. Then I discovered Clay Ballard from Top Speed Golf and his understanding and teaching of the golf swing based on kinesiology resonates with me. As my understanding of the mechanical aspects of the golf swing has improved I am better able to grasp swing tips from a feel POV. I liked the video and your teaching style too. Thank you I will subscribe.

  7. Hi Paige in case you missed my comment can you tell me what brands of clothes you were wearing in the Blackmoor video you posted? The black outfit. I am looking to get those for my girlfriend thanks

  8. Nice clinic well presented. Ron Coleman's observations to underpin the clinic with visualisation using a "Tracer" technology is spot on. Would you also cover chipping around the green using short irons,  not high spinning wedges with bounce (not my friend)  as I tend to chunk and I've seen many Lady and Gentlemen Tour players struggle too. There must be some kind of ratio between 7-8-9-PW (e.g 7 iron 1 yard pitch give 4 yards run??) which you could explain, and when it is best to use each ot the irons – or would you recommend focus on developing skills with 1 short iron e.g. 9? As always Paige great content Thx.

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