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50 thoughts on “The REALISM CHALLENGE: Not sure if REALISTIC or REALLY-BAD…

  1. Tip dont blend with your fingers the oil messes things up and your shadow. You went straight for a dark shadow. But i think it looks great but I can see tiny details I hear you. We are our own worst critics. I'll never like any sketch haha.

  2. (comment from yesterday) "I wish you'd try to do a little more realism every now and then!"…..
    (me today, right now) "Oh, I just needed to binge The Challenge Playlist farther!" *DancesAroundScreen* XD

  3. Actually for a first time, that's awesome! Realism, photo-realism, or hyper-realism are not easy. I just saw this and I know it's two years old. But still very good. I've been doing realism for a long time. And I'm still learning. They hyper-realists like Emmanuel Dascino, Jono Dry, and Silvia Pagano work on their drawings for hundreds of hours! Though the one who makes it really look amazing is Marcello Barenghi. He does small hyper-realistic drawings and only takes an hour or two at most to complete them. I've figured out his trick, though. He doesn't just use graphite and draw in black and white, he uses any art material that he can get his hands on that works. He uses Copic markers, graphite, watercolor pens, acrylic paints, permanent markers, gel pens, and just about anything he can make a mark with! And it does work. The first drawing I tried this way took me over a month to complete, but it was the most realistic drawing I have ever done. Check out his youtube channel and watch carefully. You should try it!

  4. Mark Crilley….holy hell that brings back my 11 yo memories… any other weebs here used to follow his anime tutorials when they were younger?

  5. Hey Jazza that is a really nice first attempt. When I saw you going at the watch all I was thinking was do a free flowing rough sketch with a very light pencil (litterally block the shape in) and than add the details/ the actual shape you want using that box as a guide. That is how my art professor taught us. Again beautiful piece this is just what my eye sees on how you could have done it from one artist to another ^^ hope you have a great day 🙂

  6. While yes, I can see the differences in the two, and how there are the definite pencil marks, you still did a terrific job, and if looked at quickly, one does have to take a second look go determine which is real and which is the drawing.

  7. Try to make it your area! At least a little, it doesn't have to be perfect!
    But just imagine all of your drawing, when you apply that skill to them… Perfection!

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